Enjoy At Your Best Family Restaurants

best family restaurants in SiliguriVisiting family-friendly restaurants is very important when you are going on a trip with your family. Going to places where the ambiance is too loud or over-the-top is not recommended when you are traveling accompanied by your near and dear ones. The ambiance must be calm and serene and provide a sense of quietness and solitude where you and your family can gather as a group and celebrate your holiday in the company of nature.

You can enjoy lavish meals at the best family restaurants in Siliguri, which provide you the best of both worlds, that is, both Indian and Western cuisine. You can choose any dish, be it Chinese, Italian, Spanish, or Indian, depending on your palate and taste. These restaurants have made all of it available for their guests. These restaurants provide top-notch hospitality in the company of nature.

You can now have a look at the different types of cuisines that these restaurants offer to their guests. More often than not, these eateries are accompanied by bars for their guests to enjoy a drink or two. The complete assortment is vast, however, you can have a broad overview through the following list:

  • Local cuisine – The local cuisine includes Darjeeling tea, Darjeeling momos, Nepalese, Assamese, and Bhutanese cuisine among others. This cuisine is particularly specific to the Northeast region, and it will certainly leave a delectable authentic taste on your palate.
  • Indian cuisine – Indian kebabs, tandoor, and platters are a specialty that few can resist and it is available in these restaurants right under the Himalayas cooked with immense love by the local chefs.
  • Italian cuisine – Italian delicacies including spaghetti, pasta, and pizza are top favorites for tourists and they are made available and baked by expert bakers at just the right temperature. These delicacies will help you warm up in the cold weather.
  • Chinese cuisine – Chinese cuisine has been made common all over India due to the ease of cooking and they are vastly available in almost any region. Therefore getting the choicest soup, chowmein or noodles should happen in just a matter of minutes for you.
  • Other international cuisines – If you require any kind of other international cuisines, they may also be made available on special request. In case of a celebration with a family member or a near and dear one, prior arrangements can be made for the same in the restaurant.

Keeping all other factors aside, it is the family-friendly ambiance that draws much attention to these particular restaurants. Word-of-mouth has popularized these restaurants and has made them the best family restaurants in Siliguri. The general population residing in the northeastern part of India is also well aware of the popularity that these outlets hold amongst the people.

Once you are traveling with family, it is important to keep the needs of each and every individual in mind and take them to places where they feel at ease and comfortable. Therefore, these restaurants play a crucial role in the overall tourism industry of Northeast India.