Best Chinese Restaurant in Siliguri

At the underneath terrain of the Himalayas, Siliguri situates with its majestic scenic beauty& diverse demography. Besides its stunning natural beauty, North Bengal is also known for its varied community, hence, diverse cuisines! When we talk about Siliguri, the first word that comes to our mind is ‘Mountains’! And ‘Mountains’ mean? ‘momos’! Though ‘momo’ is the main food attraction, several other local dishes, like ‘Taipo’, ‘wai-wai’, ‘thukpa’ and ‘shelruti’. Elevate the food diversity of Northern Bengal. A large number of national & international tourists visit Siliguri to explore the treasure of natural beauty. Several businessmen also visit this city for their business purposes.Both our national & international guests search for local authentic cuisines.


This advent of the huge number of visitors to Siliguri accelerates the construction of several attractive restaurants. Being a major center of several Mongolian communities, Siliguri is a preferable place, for Chinese restaurants. To satisfy guests with mouth-watering Chinese cuisines, Sunhill Portico appeared on the scene with its Sunhill Kitchen, the best Chinese restaurant in Siliguri.

Best Chinese Restaurant in Siliguri

Why Choose Sunhill Kitchen for your Chinese-food love?

  • Mainland vibes of China
  • Prime location
  • Spacious & eco-friendly premises
  • Luxurious couches
  • Authentic Chinese dishes
  • Mouth-watering local Nepali & Tibetan dishes
  • Chinese ambiance with soothing Chinese music
  • Regular sanitization & hygiene
  • Strictly maintained safety protocols

By starting with Man Chow or hot & sour soup, you can enjoy the warm ambiance with oriental vibes. Crispy Chilli baby corn or Veg Spring Rolls, bring smiles to the faces of our vegetarian guests! For non-veg lovers, Golden Fried Prawn or Drums of Heaven, give heavenly satisfaction! Be it Yong Chow Fried rice or Mixed Hakka Noodles, Sunhill Kitchen serves the most mouth-smacking Chinese cuisines for its guests. They serve several other interesting Chinese cuisines along with local authentic dishes.

Our Exclusive Restaurant Provides:

  • Dine-in
  • Take away
  • Free Parking
  • Air Condition
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Arrangements for birthday/anniversary parties

With its multi-cuisine Chinese restaurant ‘Sunhill Kitchen’, Sunhill Portico is emerging as the best Chinese restaurant in Siliguri.